Shipping is available via United Pet Safe Airlines. They fly out of Jacksonville, Fl. @ JIA. The average rate is $140 (rodent rate) for 2-3 angoras. (Must be less than 50 lbs.)

An approved airline carrier must be purchased through KW Cages.

Sometimes these carriers can be purchased and delivered to a show I am attending therefore saving you on shipping costs. If there is not a local show upcoming it can be drop shipped to my home. You will need to include the following: carrier, feed cups, water bottles. It is also required to have metal mesh attached around the outside of the carriers which runs around $10 and will have to paid to me for me to purchase and attach.

Due to the distance and time invested, I have a $50 fee to cover my time and gas to the airport. 

Also, we are limited to temps shipping out. Once over 80 degrees they will not ship.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I would love to help you get your rabbit to you safely!



Ground transport can be arranged with approved transporters. ($20-50)  Also, if I am attending a show I will transport for free. Feel free to email me in regards to what shows we will be attending.