English Angoras

English Angoras are a lovely breed with a small, compact body and weigh between 5-7 1/2 pounds. They are more of a "high maintenance" breed as their grooming requirements can be quite more than any of the other angoras. They are known for their curious, playful personalities and high wool production.

Satin Angoras

Satin Angoras were accepted into the ARBA in 1987. Their coats are a shiny, luxurious wool that is easy to maintain. They weigh in around 7-9 1/2 pounds and are a dual purpose animal. They have a quiet nature about them.

Giant Angoras


Giant Angoras are the largest of the angora breeds and top out at 12 lbs.  The produce an amazing amount of fiber. They are well known for their great personalities and dense wool.


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